Movies of Dolphins and Whales with bags

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Very short movies of dolphins and whales from around the world.

According to scientists, the problem for dolphins in particular is that they are naturally curious and intelligent enough to enjoy play. They are attracted to bags as bright floating objects. However, like a human child, they are not smart enough to avoid the deadly potential of an unnatural object and material such as a plastic bag.

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Baby Dolphin trapped in a Plastic Bag

Baby dolphin rescued from a plastic bag by fishermen near São Paulo, Brasil.

Dolphins Playing with Bags

Wild dolphins in the bay of Gibraltar. Filmed in 2004 by Tim Montgomery of


A compendium of various dolphin-bag clips. The final segment is a dolphin with a bag permanently stuck around its head.

Dolphins Playing with Bags

A young Hawaiian Spinner Dolphin playing with a large clear plastic bag. By Paulphin Photography, Hawaii.

Dolphins Playing with Bags

Dolphin playing with a plastic shopping bag. By Paulphin Photography, Hawaii.

Whale dying from plastic

A Bryde's whale dying in 2000 in Cairns, Australia after eating plastic including many plastic shopping bags.