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Thick shopping bags

Some stores distribute slightly thicker polyethylene shopping bags that barely exceed the minimum definition of single-use bags as defined in a local plastic bag law. For example, a definition of 2.25 mils is widely used in California. These thicker bags are then claimed to be reusable. However, in practice, these bags will not usually be used the minimum of 125 uses that they are tested for. In many cases, they are simply thrown away after the initial use. They are also found as litter like the more common thin HDPE bags (0.5-0.8 mils) that they replaced. Because thicker bags require even more plastic material, they end up creating a worse problem than the original thin bags.

CVS shopping bags as litter in Brookline, Mass.


In a public trash can in Brookline, Mass.

Bags thrown away after one use.

Bag thrown away into a dumpster in Brookline, Mass.

Mettler 3 mil bag for Star Market as litter at a transit station in Brookline